Start times for Backwater Kayaking

Column 1 gives the Start Time for Backwater Kayaking (Chorao Chillout & Aguada Mangrove Magic) from 15 August 2017 to 31 May 2018*

*Mangrove Kayaking must be done at High Tide. On the days when Kayaking is not possible for one or the other, it is mentioned as ‘Not Possible’.

August 2017

Day Backwater
Start Time
Tue 15 2.40pm Last Quarter 6:19am 6:58pm
Wed 16 3.30pm 6:20am 6:57pm
Thu 17 6.15am 6:20am 6:57pm
Fri 18 7.30am 6:20am 6:56pm
Sat 19 8.30am 6:20am 6:55pm
Sun 20 9.00am 6:20am 6:55pm
Mon 21 10.00am 6:20am 6:54pm
Tue 22 10.30am New Moon 6:21am 6:54pm
Wed 23 11.00am 6:21am 6:53pm
Thu 24 11.30am 6:21am 6:52pm
Fri 25 12noon 6:21am 6:52pm
Sat 26 12.30pm 6:21am 6:51pm
Sun 27 1.00pm 6:21am 6:50pm
Mon 28 1.40pm 6:21am 6:50pm
Tue 29 2.15pm First Quarter 6:21am 6:49pm
Wed 30 3.00pm 6:22am 6:48pm
Thu 31 4.00pm 6:22am 6:47pm

September 2017

Day Backwater
Start Time
Fri 1 7.00am 6:22am 6:47pm
Sat 2 8.00am 6:22am 6:46pm
Sun 3 8.30am 6:22am 6:45pm
Mon 4 9.00am 6:22am 6:44pm
Tue 5 9.30am 6:22am 6:44pm
Wed 6 10.00am Full Moon 6:22am 6:43pm
Thu 7 10.30am 6:22am 6:42pm
Fri 8 11.00am 6:22am 6:41pm
Sat 9 11.30am 6:22am 6:41pm
Sun 10 12noon 6:22am 6:40pm
Mon 11 12.30pm 6:23am 6:39pm
Tue 12 1.15pm 6:23am 6:38pm
Wed 13 2.15pm Last Quarter 6:23am 6:37pm
Thu 14 3.15pm 6:23am 6:37pm
Fri 15 Not Possible 6:23am 6:36pm
Sat 16 7.00am 6:23am 6:35pm
Sun 17 8.00am 6:23am 6:34pm
Mon 18 8.45am 6:23am 6:33pm
Tue 19 9.00am 6:23am 6:33pm
Wed 20 9.45am New Moon 6:23am 6:32pm
Thu 21 10.30am 6:23am 6:31pm
Fri 22 11.00am 6:23am 6:30pm
Sat 23 11.30am 6:23am 6:30pm
Sun 24 12noon 6:23am 6:29pm
Mon 25 12noon 6:23am 6:28pm
Tue 26 12.30pm 6:23am 6:27pm
Wed 27 1.15pm 6:24am 6:27pm
Thu 28 2.00pm First Quarter 6:24am 6:26pm
Fri 29 3.15pm 6:24am 6:25pm
Sat 30 Not Possible 6:24am 6:24pm

October 2017

Day Backwater
Start Time
Sun 1 7.00am 6:24am 6:24pm
Mon 2 7.30am 6:24am 6:23pm
Tue 3 8.00am 6:24am 6:22pm
Wed 4 8.45am 6:24am 6:21pm
Thu 5 9.00am 6:25am 6:21pm
Fri 6 9.40am Full Moon 6:25am 6:20pm
Sat 7 10.15am 6:25am 6:19pm
Sun 8 10.45am 6:25am 6:19pm
Mon 9 11.15am 6:25am 6:18pm
Tue 10 12noon 6:25am 6:17pm
Wed 11 12.45pm 6:25am 6:16pm
Thu 12 1.45pm Last Quarter 6:26am 6:16pm
Fri 13 3.15pm 6:26am 6:15pm
Sat 14 Not Possible 6:26am 6:14pm
Sun 15 6.30am 6:26am 6:14pm
Mon 16 7.15am 6:26am 6:13pm
Tue 17 8.00am 6:27am 6:13pm
Wed 18 8.45am 6:27am 6:12pm
Thu 19 9.15am 6:27am 6:11pm
Fri 20 10.00am New Moon 6:27am 6:11pm
Sat 21 10.15am 6:27am 6:10pm
Sun 22 10.30am 6:28am 6:10pm
Mon 23 11.00am 6:28am 6:09pm
Tue 24 11.30am 6:28am 6:09pm
Wed 25 12noon 6:28am 6:08pm
Thu 26 12.45pm 6:29am 6:08pm
Fri 27 1.15pm 6:29am 6:07pm
Sat 28 2.30pm First Quarter 6:29am 6:07pm
Sun 29 Not Possible 6:30am 6:06pm
Mon 30 Not Possible 6:30am 6:06pm
Tue 31 6.30am 6:30am 6:05pm

November 2017

Day Backwater
Start Time
Wed 1 7.00am 6:31am 6:05pm
Thu 2 7.45am 6:31am 6:05pm
Fri 3 8.30am 6:31am 6:04pm
Sat 4 9.00am Full Moon 6:32am 6:04pm
Sun 5 9.45am 6:32am 6:04pm
Mon 6 10.15am 6:32am 6:03pm
Tue 7 11.00am 6:33am 6:03pm
Wed 8 11.45am 6:33am 6:03pm
Thu 9 12.30pm 6:34am 6:02pm
Fri 10 1.45pm 6:34am 6:02pm
Sat 11 3.30pm Last Quarter 6:34am 6:02pm
Sun 12 Not Possible 6:35am 6:02pm
Mon 13 Not Possible 6:35am 6:02pm
Tue 14 6.30am 6:36am 6:01pm
Wed 15 7.15am 6:36am 6:01pm
Thu 16 8.00am 6:37am 6:01pm
Fri 17 8.30am 6:37am 6:01pm
Sat 18 9.00am New Moon 6:38am 6:01pm
Sun 19 9.15am 6:38am 6:01pm
Mon 20 9.45am 6:39am 6:01pm
Tue 21 10.15am 6:39am 6:01pm
Wed 22 10.45am 6:40am 6:01pm
Thu 23 11.15am 6:40am 6:01pm
Fri 24 12noon 6:41am 6:01pm
Sat 25 12.45pm 6:41am 6:01pm
Sun 26 2.00pm First Quarter 6:42am 6:01pm
Mon 27 3.45pm 6:43am 6:01pm
Tue 28 Not Possible 6:43am 6:01pm
Wed 29 Not Possible 6:44am 6:01pm
Thu 30 6.30am 6:44am 6:02pm

December 2017

Day Backwater
Start Time
 Fri 1 6.45am 6:45am 6:02pm
Sat 2 7.30am 6:45am 6:02pm
Sun 3 8.15am Full Moon 6:46am 6:02pm
Mon 4 9.00am 6:47am 6:02pm
Tue 5 9.45am 6:47am 6:03pm
Wed 6 10.30am 6:48am 6:03pm
Thu 7 11.30am 6:48am 6:03pm
Fri 8 12.30pm 6:49am 6:03pm
Sat 9 1.45pm 6:50am 6:04pm
Sun 10 3.15pm Last Quarter 6:50am 6:04pm
Mon 11 Not Possible 6:51am 6:04pm
Tue 12 Not Possible 6:51am 6:05pm
Wed 13 Not Possible 6:52am 6:05pm
Thu 14 6.30am 6:52am 6:06pm
Fri 15 7.00am 6:53am 6:06pm
Sat 16 7.45am 6:53am 6:06pm
Sun 17 8.15am 6:54am 6:07pm
Mon 18 9.00am New Moon 6:55am 6:07pm
Tue 19 9.30am 6:55am 6:08pm
Wed 20 10.00am 6:56am 6:08pm
Thu 21 10.30am 6:56am 6:09pm
Fri 22 11.00am 6:57am 6:09pm
Sat 23 11.45am 6:57am 6:10pm
Sun 24 12.30pm 6:58am 6:10pm
Mon 25 1.45pm 6:58am 6:11pm
Tue 26 3.00pm First Quarter 6:59am 6:11pm
Wed 27 3.45pm 6:59am 6:12pm
Thu 28 Not Possible 6:59am 6:12pm
Fri 29 Not Possible 7:00am 6:13pm
Sat 30 6.15am 7:00am 6:14pm
Sun 31 7.00am 7:01am 6:14pm

January 2018

Day Backwater
Start Time
Mon 1 8.00am 7:01am 6:15pm
Tue 2 8.45am Full Moon 7:01am 6:15pm
Wed 3 9.45am 7:02am 6:16pm
Thu 4 10.30am 7:02am 6:17pm
Fri 5 11.30am 7:02am 6:17pm
Sat 6 12.30pm 7:03am 6:18pm
Sun 7 1.30pm 7:03am 6:18pm
Mon 8 2.45pm 7:03am 6:19pm
Tue 9 4.15pm Last Quarter 7:03am 6:19pm
Wed 10 Not Possible 7:04am 6:20pm
Thu 11 Not Possible 7:04am 6:21pm
Fri 12 Not Possible 7:04am 6:21pm
Sat 13 7am 7:04am 6:22pm
Sun 14 7.15am 7:04am 6:22pm
Mon 15 7.45am 7:04am 6:23pm
Tue 16 8.30am 7:04am 6:24pm
Wed 17 9.15am New Moon 7:05am 6:24pm
Thu 18 9.45am 7:04am 6:25pm
Fri 19 10.15am 7:05am 6:25pm
Sat 20 11.00am 7:05am 6:26pm
Sun 21 11.45am 7:05am 6:26pm
Mon 22 12.30pm 7:05am 6:27pm
Tue 23 1.30pm 7:05am 6:28pm
Wed 24 2.45pm 7:05am 6:28pm
Thu 25 4.00pm First Quarter 7:05am 6:29pm
Fri 26 Not Possible 7:05am 6:29pm
Sat 27 Not Possible 7:04am 6:30pm
Sun 28 Not Possible 7:04am 6:30pm
Mon 29 7.00am 7:04am 6:31pm
Tue 30 7.45am 7:04am 6:31pm
Wed 31 8.45am Full Moon 7:04am 6:32pm

February 2018

Day Backwater
Start Time
Thu 1 9.45am 7:04am 6:32pm
Fri 2 10.30am 7:03am 6:33pm
Sat 3 11.30am 7:03am 6:33pm
Sun 4 12.15pm 7:03am 6:33pm
Mon 5 1.15pm 7:03am 6:34pm
Tue 6 2.15pm 7:02am 6:34pm
Wed 7 3.30pm Last Quarter 7:02am 6:35pm
Thu 8 Not Possible 7:02am 6:35pm
Fri 9 Not Possible 7:01am 6:36pm
Sat 10 Not Possible 7:01am 6:36pm
Sun 11 Not Possible 7:01am 6:36pm
Mon 12 7.00am 7:00am 6:37pm
Tue 13 7.30am 7:00am 6:37pm
Wed 14 8.15am 7:00am 6:37pm
Thu 15 9.00am 6:59am 6:38pm
Fri 16 9.45am New Moon 6:59am 6:38pm
Sat 17 10.15am 6:58am 6:38pm
Sun 18 11.00am 6:58am 6:39pm
Mon 19 11.45am 6:57am 6:39pm
Tue 20 12.30pm 6:57am 6:39pm
Wed 21 1.15pm 6:56am 6:40pm
Thu 22 2.15pm 6:56am 6:40pm
Fri 23 3.45pm First Quarter 6:55am 6:40pm
Sat 24 Not Possible 6:55am 6:41pm
Sun 25 Not Possible 6:54am 6:41pm
Mon 26 Not Possible 6:54am 6:41pm
Tue 27 7.00am 6:53am 6:41pm
Wed 28 7.45am 6:52am 6:42pm

March 2018

Day Backwater
Start Time
Thu 1 8.45am 6:52am 6:42pm
Fri 2 9.45am Full Moon 6:51am 6:42pm
Sat 3 10.30am 6:51am 6:42pm
Sun 4 11.15am 6:50am 6:42pm
Mon 5 12noon 6:49am 6:43pm
Tue 6 12.45pm 6:49am 6:43pm
Wed 7 1.45pm 6:48am 6:43pm
Thu 8 2.30pm 6:47am 6:43pm
Fri 9 3.45pm Last Quarter 6:47am 6:43pm
Sat 10 Not Possible 6:46am 6:44pm
Sun 11 Not Possible 6:45am 6:44pm
Mon 12 Not Possible 6:44am 6:44pm
Tue 13 6.45am 6:44am 6:44pm
Wed 14 7.30am 6:43am 6:44pm
Thu 15 8.15am 6:42am 6:44pm
Fri 16 9.00am 6:41am 6:45pm
Sat 17 9.30am New Moon 6:41am 6:45pm
Sun 18 10.15am 6:40am 6:45pm
Mon 19 10.45am 6:39am 6:45pm
Tue 20 11.30am 6:39am 6:45pm
Wed 21 12.15pm 6:38am 6:45pm
Thu 22 1.00pm 6:37am 6:45pm
Fri 23 2.15pm 6:37am 6:46pm
Sat 24 3.30pm First Quarter 6:36am 6:45pm
Sun 25 4.00pm 6:35am 6:46pm
Mon 26 Not Possible 6:34am 6:46pm
Tue 27 Not Possible 6:34am 6:46pm
Wed 28 7.00am 6:33am 6:46pm
Thu 29 8.00am 6:32am 6:46pm
Fri 30 9.00am 6:31am 6:46pm
Sat 31 9.45am Full Moon 6:31am 6:47pm

April 2018

Day Backwater
Start Time
Sun 1 10.30am 6:30am 6:47pm
Mon 2 11.00am 6:29am 6:47pm
Tue 3 11.45am 6:28am 6:47pm
Wed 4 12.30pm 6:28am 6:47pm
Thu 5 1.00pm 6:27am 6:47pm
Fri 6 2.00pm 6:26am 6:47pm
Sat 7 2.45pm 6:26am 6:48pm
Sun 8 4.00pm Last Quarter 6:25am 6:48pm
Mon 9 Not Possible 6:24am 6:48pm
Tue 10 Not Possible 6:24am 6:48pm
Wed 11 Not Possible 6:23am 6:48pm
Thu 12 7.00am 6:22am 6:48pm
Fri 13 8.00am 6:21am 6:49pm
Sat 14 8.45am 6:21am 6:49pm
Sun 15 9.15am 6:20am 6:49pm
Mon 16 10.00am New Moon 6:20am 6:49pm
Tue 17 10.45am 6:19am 6:49pm
Wed 18 11.30am 6:18am 6:49pm
Thu 19 12.15pm 6:18am 6:49pm
Fri 20 1.00pm 6:17am 6:50pm
Sat 21 2.00pm 6:16am 6:50pm
Sun 22 3.00pm 6:16am 6:50pm
Mon 23 4.00pm First Quarter 6:15am 6:50pm
Tue 24 Not Possible 6:15am 6:50pm
Wed 25 Not Possible 6:14am 6:51pm
Thu 26 7.00am 6:14am 6:51pm
Fri 27 8.00am 6:13am 6:51pm
Sat 28 9.00am 6:12am 6:51pm
Sun 29 9.45am 6:12am 6:52pm
Mon 30 10.15am Full Moon 6:11am 6:52pm

May 2018

Day Backwater
Start Time
Tue 1 11.00am 6:11am 6:52pm
Wed 2 11.30am 6:10am 6:52pm
Thu 3 12noon 6:10am 6:53pm
Fri 4 12.45pm 6:10am 6:53pm
Sat 5 1.30pm 6:09am 6:53pm
Sun 6 2.15pm 6:09am 6:53pm
Mon 7 3.00pm 6:08am 6:54pm
Tue 8 4.00pm Last Quarter 6:08am 6:54pm
Wed 9 Not Possible 6:07am 6:54pm
Thu 10 Not Possible 6:07am 6:54pm
Fri 11 Not Possible 6:07am 6:55pm
Sat 12 7.45am 6:06am 6:55pm
Sun 13 8.15am 6:06am 6:55pm
Mon 14 9.00am 6:06am 6:56pm
Tue 15 9.45am New Moon 6:05am 6:56pm
Wed 16 10.30am 6:05am 6:56pm
Thu 17 11.15am 6:05am 6:57pm
Fri 18 12noon 6:05am 6:57pm
Sat 19 1.00pm 6:04am 6:57pm
Sun 20 2.00pm 6:04am 6:58pm
Mon 21 3.00pm 6:04am 6:58pm
Tue 22 4.00pm First Quarter 6:04am 6:58pm
Wed 23 Not Possible 6:04am 6:59pm
Thu 24 Not Possible 6:03am 6:59pm
Fri 25 7.00am 6:03am 6:59pm
Sat 26 8.00am 6:03am 7:00pm
Sun 27 8.45am 6:03am 7:00pm
Mon 28 9.30am 6:03am 7:00pm
Tue 29 10.00am Full Moon 6:03am 7:01pm
Wed 30 10.45am 6:03am 7:01pm
Thu 31 11.15am 6:03am 7:01pm