Yes, I want to be an Adventure Intern!

Interns lead or assist with adventure activities for our clients. If you are selected, you will have to undergo training in one or more of our activities. This can be done in a flexible time frame, though it may not be possible to do everything according to your convenience. Once you have successfully cleared the training period, you will be initially assisting our trained guides. If you do really well, over a sustained period of time, you could be asked to lead certain activities, with another intern(s) assisting you.

If you prefer to work fixed hours, we will try to find something for you. If you prefer not to, that’s great too. We will call you when we need, and you can work with us in your spare time. You will be paid for each time you do an activity. All our activities are great fun if you like the outdoor life, so it’s a little like getting paid to have fun.

If you are interested, fill up the form below, and we will get back to you.