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Goa’s green hills, the Western Ghats in the interior, and its long beach stretches offer the most scenic, diverse and interesting biking routes in the country. Cycling through the villages of Goa is a pleasant and relaxing experience. Traditional houses, temples, churches and mosques, verdant greenery and the ever-present backwaters offer a soothing backdrop to leisurely rides through the countryside. Small bakeries and cafes en route offer a taste of local fare, and a traditional taverna is never too far away.

We take you on tiny tours of Goa’s historical forts and cities. Each lasts around three hours, taking in a piece of history and a slice of culture.

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Cycle Tour of Old Goa
Old Goa is so much more than a collection of churches. It was a bustling metropolis and the largest free port in Asia. Cycle through the original Cidade de Goa, once India’s second-largest city, with the finest guide showing you its magnificent churches and its surviving ruins. 
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Cycle tour of Corjuem Fort
Pedal through the village of Aldona and explore the Corjuem fort. Cross two architecturally interesting bridges on the way.
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The Royal Road
In the year 1075, the Kadamba king Jasyakeshi II built a magnificent 60-ft-wide royal road or Rajbeedi, starting from the then port of Gopakapattana, over the hills up to Old Goa. It then believed to have continued after a ford on the Mandovi river across the Western Ghats to the Deccan Plateau.  Today, only a 2-km stretch of this over 1,000-year-old road survives. It’s a worthy pedal.
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Use of 21-speed geared hybrid/mountain bicycle
Group leader and guide
Use of Helmet for safety
Bottled Water
Breakfast at a traditional local eatery / bakery

Transport to and from starting/ending point
Anything not in the included list

Accompanying vehicle with bike stand
Any special gear / refreshments required

Sun Screen lotion
Sun Glasses
If you wear spectacles, a strap to stop them from falling

Clothes for Cycling
Tee shirt and shorts OR long sleeved shirt and long track pants if you get easily sunburned

Sports shoes

Refund Policy
Same Day: 100% deducted
Up to 24 hours: 75% deducted
Over 24 hours: 50% deducted