On-Off Cycle Rides

We take you on exquisite tours of Goa’s interior, over uncrowded roads. Each tour has a relatively short off-road section, which tests your cycling skills and your fitness. These tours are not for novices.

The On-Off Ride is a circular route road ride with a relatively short off-road section. All our On-Off rides start and end at the same point or end relatively close by to the starting point. However, they are not out-and-back rides but circular routes. It makes for more interesting terrain and less monotony.  

If you are already a regular cyclist, then an On-Off ride is for you. It gives you a taste of this demanding discipline without the attendant perils. Be warned, though. Off-road cycling does carry a slightly higher risk of falls and consequent injuries than road cycling. But crashes tend to be at much slower speeds and, best of all, don’t involve traffic; it usually ends in a few cuts and bruises.

Divar Island On-Off
Ride through the picturesque Divar Island. Then off-road on the bunds that fringe the island. The riding is hard but the terrain is magnificent. Also, it’s all level. Also suitable for those who are new to off-road riding. Total distance: 15km Off-road section: 8km.
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Pomburpa On-Off
Start from Porvorim. Climb up to an wild plateau for an exciting off-road ride, then ride down to Pomburpa and return to Porvorim on a riverside road. Total distance: 30km Off-road section: 5.5km.
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Arambol On-Off
Start from Porvorim. Ride to Keri. Then climb up to a plateau for an exciting off-road ride. Ride down to Arambol, then to Tuem. Take the ferry to Camurlim. Then ride back to Porvorim.
Total distance: 100km Off-road section: 10km.
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Nearly anyone can cycle on a good road. Riding on the road is very linear – it’s all in one plane of motion. Off-road cycling is much harder than road cycling. Off-road riding means you’re handling the bike around obstacles and are moving around a lot more in general, so it puts greater demands on your joints and limbs. Specifically, the low cadence grinding over rocky terrain calls for strong quadriceps and knees.

You need more overall strength. You will be using your upper body to soak up lumps and bumps, power your front wheel over trail obstacles and gain extra power on short, but steep climbs. Having to constantly shift your weight and centre of gravity to maintain traction and balance will challenge your trunk muscles in a way you can never experience on the road.

Years doing only road riding can result in a very static riding style and inadequate bike handling skills. Off-road cycling forces you to constantly change your riding position, to learn better cornering and braking skills and to become an all-round better bike rider. To maintain traction, you have to develop an even, circular and smooth pedalling style.

When you are back on the road, this pedalling technique results in far smoother, more economical and faster riding. It also gives you a greater ability to deal with unexpected hazards.

Off-road biking can be hard on you. The combination of sudden spikes of power, constant shocks and vibrations and greater energy bursts takes more out of your body. Some of the terrain may not be rideable, and translates to the added physical toll of pushing or even carrying your bike for short spells over tough, demanding terrain.

Remember, ride only within your own technical ability and fitness. In case of the slightest doubt about your ability to ride any section of the trail, dismount and walk it. When descending, stay relaxed. Use the brakes liberally; never go so fast that you feel you could be out of control.

Use of 21-speed geared mountain bicycle
Group leader and guide
Use of Helmet for safety
Bottled Water

Transport to and from starting/ending point
Anything not in the included list

Vehicle with bike stand on standby
Any special gear / refreshments required

Sun Screen lotion
Sun Glasses
If you wear spectacles, a strap to stop them from falling

Clothes for Cycling
Tee shirt and shorts OR long sleeved shirt and long track pants if you get easily sunburned

Sports shoes

Refund Policy
Same Day: 100% deducted
Up to 24 hours: 75% deducted
Over 24 hours: 50% deducted