Start Times Backwater Kayaking

Start Time for Backwater Kayaking (Chorao Chillout & Aguada Mangrove Magic) from 27 October 2018 to 26 May 2019*

*Mangrove Kayaking must be done at High Tide. On the days when Kayaking is not possible because the High Tide is too late or too early, it is mentioned as ‘Not Possible’.

October 2018

DayStart Time
Sat 2710:15am
Sun 2811:00am
Mon 2911:45am
Tue 3012:30pm
Wed 3101:30pm

November 2018

DayStart Time
Thu 103:15pm
Fri 2Not Possible
Sat 306:00am
Sun 406:45am
Mon 507:30am
Tue 608:15am
Wed 708:45am
Thu 809:15am
Fri 909:45am
Sat 1010:15am
Sun 1110:45am
Mon 1211:15am
Tue 1312:00noon
Wed 1412:45pm
Thu 1501:30pm
Fri 1603:30pm
Sat 17Not Possible
Sun 18Not Possible
Mon 1906:15am
Tue 2007:00am
Wed 2107:30am
Thu 2208:15am
Fri 2308:45am
Sat 2409:15am
Sun 2510:00am
Mon 2610:45am
Tue 2711:15am
Wed 2812:30pm
Thu 2901:45am
Fri 3003:30am

December 2018

DayStart Time
Sat 1Not Possible
Sun 2Not Possible
Mon 306:00am
Tue 406:45am
Wed 507:45am
Thu 608:15am
Fri 708:45am
Sat 809:15am
Sun 909:45am
Mon 1010:15am
Tue 1111:00am
Wed 1211:45am
Thu 1312:15pm
Fri 1401:15pm
Sat 1502:30pm
Sun 1603:45pm
Mon 17Not Possible
Tue 18Not Possible
Wed 1906:00am
Thu 2006:45am
Fri 2107:30am
Sat 2208:15am
Sun 2309:00am
Mon 2409:45am
Tue 2510:30am
Wed 2611:15am
Thu 2712:30pm
Fri 2801:30pm
Sat 2903:15pm
Sun 3004:00pm
Mon 31Not Possible

January 2019

DayStart Time
Tue 1Not Possible
Wed 206:15am
Thu 307:00am
Fri 407:30am
Sat 508:15am
Sun 609:00am
Mon 709:30am
Tue 810:15am
Wed 910:45am
Thu 1011:30am
Fri 1112:15pm
Sat 1201:00pm
Sun 1302:15pm
Mon 1403:30pm
Tue 1504:00pm
Wed 16Not Possible
Thu 17Not Possible
Fri 1806:00am
Sat 1907:00am
Sun 2008:00am
Mon 2108:45am
Tue 2209:30am
Wed 2310:30am
Thu 2411:30am
Fri 2512:30pm
Sat 2601:30pm
Sun 2703:00pm
Mon 2804:15pm
Tue 29Not Possible
Wed 30Not Possible
Thu 31Not Possible

February 2019

DayStart Time
Fri 106:30am
Sat 207:30am
Sun 308:15am
Mon 409:00am
Tue 509:30am
Wed 610:15am
Thu 710:45am
Fri 811:15am
Sat 912:00noon
Sun 1012:45pm
Mon 1101:45pm
Tue 1202:45pm
Wed 1304:00pm
Thu 14Not Possible
Fri 15Not Possible
Sat 1606:00am
Sun 1706:45am
Mon 1808:00am
Tue 1908:45am
Wed 2009:45am
Thu 2110:45am
Fri 2211:45am
Sat 2312:30pm
Sun 2401:30pm
Mon 2502:30pm
Tue 2603:30pm
Wed 2704:00pm
Thu 28Not Possible

March 2019

DayStart Time
Fri 1Not Possible
Sat 206:15am
Sun 307:15am
Mon 408:15am
Tue 508:45am
Wed 609:30am
Thu 710:00am
Fri 810:45am
Sat 911:15am
Sun 1012:00noon
Mon 1112:30pm
Tue 1201:15pm
Wed 1302:15pm
Thu 1403:30pm
Fri 1504:00pm
Sat 16Not Possible
Sun 1706:00am
Mon 1806:45am
Tue 1907:45am
Wed 2008:45am
Thu 2109:30am
Fri 2210:15am
Sat 2311:30am
Sun 2412:00noon
Mon 2501:00pm
Tue 2602:00pm
Wed 2703:00pm
Thu 2804.15pm
Fri 29Not Possible
Sat 30Not Possible
Sun 3106:15am

April 2019

DayStart Time
Mon 107:15am
Tue 208:00am
Wed 308:45am
Thu 409:15am
Fri 510:00am
Sat 610:30am
Sun 711:00am
Mon 811:45am
Tue 912:15pm
Wed 1001:15pm
Thu 1102:15pm
Fri 1203:15pm
Sat 1304:00pm
Sun 14Not Possible
Mon 1506:00am
Tue 1607:00am
Wed 1708:00am
Thu 1809:00am
Fri 1909:45am
Sat 2010:35am
Sun 2111:20am
Mon 2212:00noon
Tue 2312:45pm
Wed 2401:30pm
Thu 2502:30pm
Fri 2603:30pm
Sat 2704:15pm
Sun 28Not Possible
Mon 2906:00am
Tue 3007:00am

May 2019

DayStart Time
Wed 107:45am
Thu 208:15am
Fri 309:00am
Sat 409:30am
Sun 510:00am
Mon 610:45am
Tue 711:15am
Wed 812:00noon
Thu 901:00pm
Fri 1002:00pm
Sat 1103:00pm
Sun 1204:00pm
Mon 1304:30pm
Tue 1406:00am
Wed 1507:00am
Thu 1608:00am
Fri 1709:00am
Sat 1809:45am
Sun 1910:15am
Mon 2011:00am
Tue 2111.45am
Wed 2212:30pm
Thu 2301:15pm
Fri 2401:50pm
Sat 2502:45pm
Sun 2603:30pm