Tuhin climbing Bees Knees, Vagator                                                                                                                                           VERITABLY VERTICAL: Tuhin Satarkar climbs Bees Knees

For decades, the only rock climbing site in Goa was at Kalay, on a hill near a railway station deep in the interior of the state. About five years ago, Kim Sabir co-founder of Adventure Breaks put up a three-metre high artificial wall in his backyard at Socorro. This was the start of Goa’s climbing journey.

THE EYE: Climbing Wall at Panaji

It’s thrilling to have set up Goa’s FIRST climbing wall at the Youth Hostel, Campal, Panaji; a picturesque locale on the banks of the River Mandovi. Whether you are a beginner or a veteran climber, you will enjoy our wall with multiple routes of various grades. Climb under strict supervision of qualified instructors using equipment with internationally approved ratings. Be a part of the climbing community, live the adventure, and get SUPER FIT!!

Time: Tue to Sun | Nov to May | 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM
Charges: Hourly: Rs100
Monthly: Rs1,200
Quarterly: Rs2,500
Age Eligibility: 8 years and above

A joint venture between the Magsons Group and Adventure Breaks, the wall is 20 ft high and fitted with a combination of holds. It has been designed for first-time climbers as well as those with more experience. Novices can climb using all the holds, while more technical climbers can find routes that suit their abilities, using clearly marked sets of holds.

THE EYE: Climbing Wall at Youth Hostel, Campal, Panaji

Safety is the highest priority. The very latest imported climbing harnesses, carabiners, braided ropes and belaying devices are used. Climbing without safety gear is not allowed. A highly trained coach gives instructions and supervises each climber.Call Kim (+91-8975841178) to book group events.



What you have to take care of:
1. Comfortable clothing
2. Climbing shoes: If you don’t own a pair of climbing shoes, get  regular BATA canvas shoes. Ensure that you buy a pair that is two sizes smaller then your regular shoe size
3. Bring drinking water
4. Avoid wearing accessories and jewellery
5. Trim finger nails
6. Carry your climbing shoes to the wall; do not arrive wearing them

Refund Policy
Same Day: 100% deducted
Up to 24 hours: 75% deducted
Over 48 hours: 50% deducted







Rock Routes


But rock climbing in Goa got its next big boost when Tuhin Satarkar discovered, climbed and bolted a route at Vagator that was truly as beautiful as it is challenging. Unfortunately, the site can only be accessed at low tide. Tuhin’s bolts have corroded and it is no longer safe to climb.

Climbing at the Chapora Quarry
OPEN FOR EXPLORATION: At the Chapora Quarry; put up your own new route.


We have also found good climbing routes at Aguada. These are on seaside cliffs with anchors on top for top-roped climbing. The site is truly fabulous. It is seaside, picture-perfect and also offers views of the ramparts of Fort Aguada.


At low tide in Vagator, we sometimes swim out to the rocks at the mouth of the river and climb them. It’s spectacular climbing, and if you fall, it’s into the water. Simply awesome…

Climbing rocks in the sea
WATER WAIFS: Climbing rocks in the sea


CAFREAL and XACUTI: Two 33-metre seaside routes at Agonda Beach
CAFREAL and XACUTI: Climbers on two side-by-side 33-metre seaside routes at Agonda Beach

This beach in South Goa has a number of excellent routes. There are two 33m bolted routes on a seaside cliff, with anchors on top for top-roped climbing. Plus, there is a fabulous bouldering area.

AGONDA SEASIDE CLIMBING: In action on a bolted route with anchors on the top