Set up in 2013 by outdoor enthusiasts Kim Sabir (yachtsman) and Ashwin Tombat (mountain climber),  Adventure Breaks today is the foremost outdoor company in Goa. 

Bringing access to fun adventure, we offer trekking, kayaking, coast steering, camping, sailing, rock  climbing for people of all ages and all levels of experience. Our activities take you on unbeaten paths  and wilderness areas sometimes inaccessible and rarely seen even by locals.  

Ocean Treks, rock climbing seaside cliffs, kayaking to secret beaches, exploring sea caves, and forest  trails, sailing around Panjim island and more.  

Our team is extremely well trained and have all been trained on first aid besides specialising in their  particular sports. Climbing instructors specialise in climbing as do the kayaking instructors have been  trained in kayaking and so on. 

We use local resources for meals and transport and other facilities in all remote areas thus creating a  sustainable economic model. 

Adventure Greens was initiated a few years ago as a voluntary movement to clear trails of garbage. This  has generated a fabulous response specially from children on our outdoor experiences. This goes a long  way in taking care of our main asset…the planet. 

While the team works free lance to create thrilling and extremely safe experiences for you, the core group  focuses their energy and time exploring new routes and putting together products never before  conceived in Goa.  

As an endnote, I shall state here that we are all in this primarily for the great pleasure we derive just by  getting out there, and meeting very interesting people in the wilderness. 

Kim Sabir


Ashwin Tombat

Founder l Director

Kim Sabir

Founder l CEO

Olivia Colaso

Trek Leader l Assistant Sailing Coach

Pancham Kelkar

Climbing Instructor

Milind Prabhu

Sailing Coach

Akshita Naik

Operations Manager l Digital Marketing Manager l Trek Leader l Kayaking Instructor

Noor Reddy

Trek Leader l Kayaking Instructor l Assistant Sailing Coach

Nathan Braganza

Trek Leader l Climbing Instructor

Tetyana Shelyazhynska

Lead Kayaking Instructor

Rohit Chavan

Lead Kayaking Instructor

Akash Kerkar

Trek Leader l Lead Kayaking Instructor l Climbing Instructor

Allwin Dpio

Lead Climbing Instructor

Andrich Fernandes

Trek Leader l Kayaking Instructor

Ashish Narvekar

Trek Leader l Kayaking Instructor

Nikita Desouza

Climbing Instructor l Trek Leader

Ritesh Kudtarkar

Climbing Instructor l Trek Leader

Tamsin Noronha

Kayaking Instructor l Trek Leader

Keshika Malhotra

Kayaking Instructor l Trek Leader

Neha Reddy

Trek Leader

Kishore Amati

Trek Leader l Kayaking Instructor

Wilbert Egipsy

Trek Leader

Janice D'Souza

Trek Leader