Learn to sail sessions with Kim Sabir & his team

With 50 years of sailing experience and having crossed the Arabian sea from Mumbai to Oman and numerous voyages to Lakshadweep, besides having won National level sailing championships and coached the Goa sailing team to medal winning levels, Kim is the best to teach you to sail.

9 On water sessions of 2 hours each

2 On land theory sessions

1 On water sailing test

You will be certified as a qualified HELM on completing the course.
You have the option to spread the course out through the season or do it in 2 months.

On water sessions in a SEABIRD sailing yacht & onshore theory sessions and online course material.

Course will cover the following:
1. Rigging a boat
2. Steering and maneuvering
3. Safety on water
4. Winds, tides & currents
5. Finer points of sailing
6. Reefing and anchoring

On completing the course you will be able to safely sail a boat with an experienced crew on board. Of course it requires a few years of experience before you can safely take a boat out on your own. And these skills which amount to good seamanship come with time on the water like any other skill.

Consider sailing a LIFE SKILL and go for it!!


Once you complete your sessions, you will also be entitled to charter Sandpiper, our boat with our experienced crew on board at 50% discount of our sailing rates for 6 sessions. You may take advantage of this to go out sailing with your friends/ family and gain experience.


Course Fees:

For 9 on water sessions , 2 theory sessions and 1 on water sailing test:

Mixed group: ₹28,000 per person

(Sessions with 2 students at a time)

Solo: ₹45,000 per person

(on a one to one basis)


Learn to Sail Team

Kim Sabir

Sailing Coach

Ashwin Tombat

Sailing Coach

Milind Prabhu

Sailing Coach

Noor Reddy

Assistant Sailing Coach

Olivia Colaso

Assistant Sailing Coach

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All sailing is conducted by the Adventure Breaks Club.

Membership of the club is included when you book your first excursion.