Sailing away on the light of a brand new day
WATER, WATER EVERYWHERE… Sailing away on the light of a brand new day…

A day out on the water may be just what the doctor ordered. When sailing, just seeing everything from the water gives one a completely different point of view to the world. Our sailing boats are powered only by the wind. There’s no irritating throb of an engine, just the sound of the wind in the sails and the waves splashing. Sailing is relaxed and peaceful. There’s no need for speed. We go at the pace of the wind (which, sometimes though, can be really fast).

We offer two types of sailing boats:
(1) Seabird: Fast, 21-ft open gunther-rigged sailing boats with no cabin and no toilet. Capacity: 4
(2) Mini Cabin Cruiser: Somewhat slower 18-ft bermuda-rigged sailing boats with a cuddy cabin and marine toilet. Capacity: 4

These boats are equipped with life jackets for safety, have outboard motors (for use only in emergencies) and are handled by experienced and competent skippers. We operate out of Dona Paula, 8km from the Panaji Bus Stand.

Reach Dona Paula at 5.00pm. After a short briefing, we motor out in a small boat to the sailing boats, get in, hoist the sails, cast off and get sailing by about 5.30pm. We sail out to sea, catch a glorious sunset over the water, and return. Take a swim in the deep sea, if you are inclined. If you are lucky, you could spot a dolphin. Clients will be required to help the skipper while hoisting and lowering sails, as well as during the sail. The skipper’s decisions are final, and must be obeyed instantly and without questioning, in the interest of safety.
Time: 2 hours
Cost: Rs3,490 per boat (up to four people)

Set sail from Dona Paula, sail across the Zuari Bay and then tack back to Bambolim Beach. Get your feet wet as you get down in ankle-deep water at the beach, and spend some time on the beach. If you’re inclined, the Sand & Sea shack at the beach makes some very fine sea food at fairly moderate prices. After some R&R, get on the boat and sail back to Dona Paula.
Time: 3 – 5 hours
Cost: Rs5,490 for a boat (up to four people)
Clients must bear their own expenses at hotels / restaurants / shacks.

A Mini Cabin Cruiser anchored off Grande Island
ISLAND AHOY: A Mini Cabin Cruiser anchored off Grande Island

Sail out at 3.30pm from Dona Paula and sail to Spring Beach. The beach gets its name from the fresh water spring right at the sand’s edge, where you can wash off the salt after having a dip in the sea.
Explore the ruins of the historical Mormugao Fort on the hillsides above the beach. Lounge about. Have a swim. Do your thing. We leave just before sunset, get a grand vista of the sun going down over the sea, and return to Dona Paula shortly after dark.
Time: 3 – 5 hours
Cost: Rs5,490 for a boat (up to four people)

A Seabird yacht anchored off Butterfly Beach
SLICE OF PARADISE: A Seabird yacht anchored off Butterfly Beach

We start out from Dona Paula and sail up the Zuari river, past the Zuari Bridge, to Marcaim. Here, we put down the sails and motor up the Cumbarjua River, which links the Mandovi and Zuari Rivers. This is a place with lots of mangrove forests, where crocodiles sun themselves on the mudflats during low tide. We emerge into the Mandovi river and stop at Old Goa, where you can see the churches of the medieval city of Goa. Then, we motor past Panaji. Here, we hoist sail and sail around the Cabo Raj Bhawan back to Dona Paula.
You will have circumnavigated the province of Tiswadi, also known as ‘Ilhas’ or the ‘Island of Goa’, which the Portuguese conquered in 1510, 16 years before the Mughal emperor Babur conquered Delhi. You will have travelled in the Zuari and the Mandovi, Goa’s two biggest rivers. You will also go through the Cumbarjua River and the Arabian Sea. You will see birds and, if you are lucky, crocodiles and dolphins. You will see the churches of Old Goa. It’s a full day well spent on the water.
Time: 8 to 10 hours
Cost: Rs11,990 per boat (up to four people)

Hollant is a tiny cove round the corner from Bogmalo and just off Goa’s longest beach – 26km – from nearby Velsao to Mobor. The cove has sheltered water, and the boat can go right to the shore, where you can get off in ankle deep water. Hollant also has an excellent restaurant and rooms to stay. Start from Dona Paula mid-morning and reach Hollant by mid-afternoon, after sailing past Vasco’s Baina Beach, Pequeno Island, Dabolim Airport and Bogmalo Beach.
Have fun on the beach, visit Velsao Beach or simply splash in the fresh water pool at the side of the beach. Lunch at the Copa Cabana Bar and Restaurant. Return by motoring. If you wish, spend the night in your chosen accommodations and return by road at your own expense.
Cost: Rs10,990 per boat (up to four people)


Sailing boat for up to four people
Skipper and guide
Use of Life Jackets for safety
Snack Pack
Soft Drink
Bottled Water

Any expenses on food, drink, stay and/or any services at hotels, restaurants, beach shacks or shops. Clients must bear their own expenses at hotels / restaurants / shacks.
Anything not in the included list

Sun Screen lotion
Sun Glasses
If you wear spectacles, a strap to stop them from falling in the water 

Clothes for sailing
We recommend a tee shirt and shorts OR long sleeved shirt and long track pants if you get easily sunburned

To Carry
Swimming gear
Change of clothes

Water shoes, canvas gym shoes or sandals with a strap at the back: Avoid leather footwear

Refund Policy
Same Day: 100% deducted
Up to 24 hours: 75% deducted
Over 48 hours: 50% deducted