Deserted virgin beach
NO OTHER HUMANS: One of the many virgin beaches on Ocean Trek Neuti

Ocean Trek Neuti

An Ocean Trek is a walk along a mountain overlooking the sea. As you walk, the majesty of the magnificent Arabian Sea is a near-constant presence. The sylvan sound of the waves crashing on the shore soothes your soul and makes your spirits soar. 

Adventure Breaks offers a full-day Ocean Trek: A walk along a wooded hillside overlooking the Arabian Sea off the coast between Vengurla and Malwan, in southern Maharashtra.

We start from Porvorim in Goa at 07:00hrs, and drive to Kochra-Shriramwadi, a seaside hamlet between Vengurla and Malwan. After a breakfast snack and tea, we set off along a hilly path on the cliffs next to the sea.

As we walk along the hillside, we come across a completely deserted beach in an isolated cove. If we feel like, we could climb down and make it our very own for a few moments. There’s several more such virgin beaches on the trek route. The Ocean Trek ends at the pristine Neuti Beach after we wade across a small tidal estuary.  

After we arrive, you will be treated to a tender coconut, followed by a Malvani coastal lunch (fish or vegetarian).

After the lunch, you are on your own. You can splash in the sea on a very safe beach, take a spectacular plunge into the waters from a 20-ft-high rock, or go up and see the historic Neuti Fort, built by the great Maratha king Shivaji, with spectacular views of the Vengurla Rocks and the pristine Bhogwe Beach.

We start back for Goa around 15.30hrs, reaching Porvorim by 19:30hrs. The Ocean Trek Neuti package includes breakfast, local coastal lunch, tender coconut water or limboo pani, and a post-trek cup of tea. Depart 7 am from Porvorim and return to Porvorim by 7.30 pm. 

Minimum: Rs13,990 for up to six persons.



Ocean Trek Arambol

North Arambol Beach and Lake
LOVELY LAKE: The North Arambol Beach. Its freshwater lake is just metres from the sea.

We start from Porvorim in Goa at 07:00hrs, and drive to Paliem, a village between Arambol and Keri. We set off along a hilly path which takes you to the deserted and grassy Paliem plateau. After crossing the plateau, you then plunge through a dense evergreen natural forest as you follow a perennial stream down to the northern Arambol Beach, famous for its fresh water lake just a few metres from the sea (see photo above). Here, you can relax, take a dip in the sea, then wash off the salt in the sweet water lake. Or even smear yourself with medicinal mud from the banks of the stream on the hillside and then bathe in one of the many pools along the stream. We then walk across a hillside along the sea, past spectacular seascape scenery, to reach Goa’s northernmost and least commercialised beach, Keri, and then on to our pick-up point. We start back for Goa around 14.00hrs, reaching Porvorim by 15:00hrs.

Minimum: Rs8,990 for up to six persons.


Group Leader and Guide
Transport from the meeting point in Porvorim
Bottled water
Light packed lunch / lunch at a beach shack in Keri.

Transport to and from meeting point
Anything not in the Included list

Swim wear
Change of clothes
If you wear spectacles, a strap to stop them from falling
Personal medications

Clothes for trekking
Long pants, preferably jeans (those wearing shorts will get scratched by thorns)
Long sleeved shirt

Sports shoes or trekking shoes

Call Kim (+91 8975841178) or Ashwin (+91 8888250019 / +91 9834983802) for any queries

Refund Policy
Same Day: 100% deducted
Up to 24 hours: 75% deducted
Over 24 hours: 50% deducted

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