For decades, the only rock climbing site in Goa was at Kalay, on a hill near a railway station deep in the interior of the state. About five years ago, Kim Sabir co-founder of Adventure Breaks put up a three-metre high artificial wall in his backyard at Socorro. This was a new start to Goa’s climbing journey.

Climbing Wall
Adventure Breaks has a 20-ft climbing wall at a riverside location in Goa’s capital. Panaji. Located at the Youth Hostel in the Campal area, this wall has a huge combination of holds and can be used by novices and experts alike. Experienced guides give instructions and handle safety. We use the best international brands of equipment. 
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Agonda Climbing
Adventure Breaks also organises outings to its rock climbing site at Agonda Beach in South Goa, where you could climb a 30-metre seaside cliff or any of dozens of boulders of varying grades of difficulty. The seaside setting is picturesque and the climbing is spectacular. Crash Pads are available for the boulders and the very best international brands of safety equipment for the seaside cliff.
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See this video of an Adventure Breaks climb of the 30-metre Agonda Beach seaside cliff. Our clients were DJ Clark of the HongKong-based China Daily and Shubham Raheja of the New Delhi-based Hindustan Times, for their adventure travel video channel called ‘Drone and Phone’