Mandovi Swim

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From: ₹2,000.00 for 1 hour

Can you swim 1 kilometre non-stop in the pool? Have you always wanted to swim across the River Mandovi, but lacked the support and infrastructure required? Adventure Breaks will enable you to realise your dream, in complete safety. Each swimmer will be equipped with a safety pull-buoy. There will be a boat with life saver crew and/or kayaks with emergency flotation (as required) in the water for safety.

Available 03 November 2019 to 24 May 2020
Rs2,000 per swimmer
Minimum 6 swimmers or Rs12,000 if less than six swimmers.
Maximum 20 swimmers at a time

Minimum Ability: You should be able to swim 1,000 metres non-stop in a swimming pool

Assembly Place: Near Reis Magos Fort, Quegdevelim, Verem, Goa 403114
Swim Starts: Immediately after low tide (Click Here for Tide Timings.)

Guide and Life Saver
Accompanying boat
Pull float for safety
Bottled Water

Transport to and from starting/ending point
Anything not in the included list

To bring
Sun Screen lotion
Swimming Goggles
Spare set of Clothes
Rash vest or a thin T-shirt to wear while swimming, if you get easily sunburned.
Swimming gear
Footwear – Water shoes, canvas gym shoes or sandals with a strap at the back: Avoid leather footwear
If you wear spectacles, you may consider getting numbered swimming goggles

Refund Policy
Same Day: 100% deducted
Up to 24 hours: 75% deducted
Over 48 hours: 50% deducted

About Sea Swimming
The sea is like a mother. Her love and warmth knows no bounds, and her fury has no match. Treat her with respect. A Sea Swim is a long-distance swim in the sea. Adventure Breaks ensures you do it in safety, enjoy the experience and gain a sense of achievement. Sea swimmers are accompanied by a boat and/or by kayaks, depending on the number of swimmers in the group. Leading the group will be an experienced sea swimmer. The pace of swimming will be slow; it is an excursion, not a race.

When you book this excursion or join this event, you also agree to the additional Indemnity Agreement below:
Indemnity Agreement
I say that I can swim not less than one kilometre in a swimming pool non-stop.
I am aware that participating in adventure sports like kayaking, sailing, cycling, trekking, climbing and swimming in open water, as well as participating in sports events like marathons, triathlons, tower runs and open water swims has some inherent risks of illness, injury or death. This may be a result of the negligence of others, myself, forces of nature or other agencies known or unknown. Rescue and medical services may not be able to reach me in time.

I hereby fully assume all risk of illness, injury or death, and discharge Adventure Breaks, its owners, employees, consultants, agents and associates from all actions, claims or demands from any damages resulting out of my participation in this sporting event. This obligation is binding upon me personally as well as on my heirs, executors, administrators, assigns and all members of my family.

I hereby authorize any medical treatment deemed necessary in the event of any emergency, injury or mishap. I agree to bear all costs of rescue and/or medical services that may be incurred on my behalf.

I recognize that as the provider of services, Adventure Breaks will operate under a covenant of good faith and fair dealing, but that it may be necessary to terminate any event or adventure excursion due to forces of nature, medical necessities or other reasons. I accept their right to take such actions for the safety of all participants including me.

I understand that though precautions will be taken to provide a safe and enjoyable experience, there can be no guarantee of absolute safety against illness, injury and/or accident, and that there are grave and unpredictable elements of risk in any adventure, sport or activity associated with the outdoors.

I agree that any film or photographs of me as a participant becomes the property of Adventure Breaks and may be used for promotional and commercial purposes.


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