With a rising sun to guide, we sail up the Zuari river to a brisk morning breeze. Our crew pours out steaming chai or coffee as we settle down to boat life for a day on the water.

As we navigate further up river the mangroves close in on either side. Migratory birds abound in the branches and a keen eye can spot a crocodile on the mudbanks. A ‘deep in the Amazon jungle’ feeling descends .

The outboard engine spurts to life as in this area the wind has dropped.

Lunch and maybe a chilled beer or lemonade feels like, YES!! THIS IS LIFE!!

As we sail under the numerous bridges and low hanging transmission cables past the tiny Goan villages, we enter the Mandovi river.

Here the afternoon sea breeze fills our sails. The views of Old Goa, Divar and Chorao island are charming. A different perspective. The scapes drift past like a slow frame film. Under the 3 bridges spanning the Mandovi, the s noise levels rise carrying across the water. Horns and vehicle engines.

Skillfully our crew navigate the sandbars and their menacing breakers and we are in the ocean.

We settle down to a following wind and a low hanging sun, hoping to catch a beautiful sunset, sailing along the headlands of Cabo and Dona Paula before lowering sails and dropping anchor.

What a day! I feel like a mariner having crossed the Indian Ocean.

– Unknown adventurer

You don’t need to know how to sail! Our crew will be there with you.

Cost includes:

Breakfast & lunch
Snacks & beverages

Maximum 4 persons


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All sailing is conducted by the Adventure Breaks Club.

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