Sunset Kayaking


Minimum 2 pax, or pay for 2; Maximum 8 pax


Sunset kayaking off Bambolim Beach is magical. After all, who can resist a Goa sunset?

If the tide and wind conditions are right, you can land on the secluded Cacra Beach, with its beautiful shells and calm waters ideal for a swim. Or you could visit the Siridao Beach in the shadow of the picturesque chapel of Jezu Nazarene.

Or you could just paddle out and wander in the lovely Bambolim Bay, watch the sunset, and return.

We teach kayaking basics before you start. It’s not difficult. A 10-minute briefing followed by a short familiarization exercise on the water is sufficient for even a complete novice to participate in any of our kayaking excursions.

Expert instructors accompany you throughout the excursion.

NOTE: In rare circumstances where the tide or winds are too low or too high (these conditions are in nature’s control, not in ours), the excursion may not be able to land on any beach.

TIME: From October to February: 4 PM to Sunset

From March to May: 4:30 PM to Sunset

For 2 to 8 kayakers