Moonlight Kayaking


Minimum 2 pax, or pay for 2; Maximum 8 pax


On 7 days each month, during the waxing (expanding) phase of the Moon, known in ancient Indian astronomy as Shukla Paksh, from the half moon to the full moon, we take you kayaking off Bambolim Beach.

Land at Siridao Beach, spend some time there, then return. The bright moon makes the landscape come surreally alive in the dead of night, as if it’s dusk or dawn. It’s an experience with a difference.

We teach kayaking basics before you start. It’s not difficult. A 10-minute briefing followed by a short familiarization exercise on the water is sufficient for even a complete novice to participate in any of our kayaking excursions.

Two or three expert instructors accompany the group throughout the excursion, depending upon numbers.

Note: In rare circumstances where tide or winds are too low or too high (these conditions are in nature’s control, not in ours), the excursion may not be possible.

Moonlight Kayaking Dates:

Every 6 nights each month

TIME: 3 hours from 7 PM onwards